Voice Over Studio Equipment – Starter Studio Package

Voice Over Studio Equipment – Starter Studio Package

Below are items selected by Anthony Reece as a basic “starter package” for your home studio. This studio gear, does NOT include your choice of several FREE AUDIO SOFTWARE available throughout the internet.

We have free audio software several options within the VO101 Store to software and single products.

However the package below is turn-key and designed by Anthony to help you “cut corners” and grab a complete voice over recording suite for your home, or small office.


To start recording voice overs at home all you need is…
* a good usb, OR standard xlr condenser microphone with a shock-mount
* a decent microphone pop-screen and filter (aka mic cone)
* a simple boom style microphone stand
* a free voice over or audio recording software
* a newer fast windows 7/10, or mac computer with a good sound card
* a pair of self-powered desk-top speakers (not a walmart plastic pair)
* a good audio work-desk, or multimedia workstation
* a quite area in your home to record – even the corner of a room
* a set of cheap blankets to place on the walls around your mic to kill any echo


Gear Shown Below Will Assure You Have An Affordable Yet Professional Studio Set-Up!

Step 1: Click on any of the products below you are interested in reviewing…
Step 2: Add each product to your “shopping cart” once at Amazon
Step 3: Return to this page and repeat the process
Step 4: Check out and pay for gear. You should not have to pay for shipping


  • Select only the equipment or products you desire at this time.
  • Most items listed above are necessary to record professionally on your pc, or mac.
  • Use a small audio interface or “mixer” to control the audio sent to your sound-card.
  • You can elect to ONLY use a USB mic recording directly to your pc, or mac.
  • This option limits you offering NO control over your mic level, or equalization.
  • Some of these items are optional at this point to start your basic studio set-up.
  • If you need help setting up your gear, request technical consultation with me.


Affordable Professional Small Studio Gear!


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